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We specialize in farm loans, agricultural real estate, refinancing & short term bridge loans. We've helped row crop farmers, dairies, vineyards and orchards from across the United States fund their operations and protect their farms. Ag Lending Group understands that your farm is a way of life as well as an investment. We will work side by side with you to custom build a loan package designed to meet the unique financial needs of your operation. Farm operations seeking between $400,000 and $100,000,000 in farm mortgage financing or to refinance, purchase or expand should contact Ag Lending Group today.

“Madison & Richard were easy to work with and were very helpful throughout the whole process."

– Bruce Guthmiller | January, 2020

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Ag Lending Group is a non-bank lender. This means we work for the farmer and not the bank. You will work with either Madison or Richard to find a loan package that fits your specific case. Whether you’re refinancing, expanding your operation or if you’re a beginning farmer, we know the challenges farmers face when looking for agricultural financing. You don’t have to face those challenges alone. To get started contact us or use our farm loan calculator.

Farm Mortgage Loans

True mortgage loans that fit the needs of your operation.

Orchard Loans

Grove and Orchard Loans that work for your operation.

Bridge Loans

Temporary loans to help you secure your next investment.

Ranch & Dairy Loans

Ag Lending Group offers ranch and dairy loans across the United States to expand operations, purchase new cattle, real estate or refinance your existing loan at a better rate and term.


Work with us to lower your interest rate.


Ag Lending Group specializes in Vineyard and Winery loans throughout California and Washington.

Our clients have businesses to run and we know that your farm is more than just a business. It’s a way of life that feeds America as well as your family. Our goal is to work with the bank on your behalf so you can reduce your debt or grow your farm. Let us handle the back and forth with the bank.

“Best experience we have ever had with a lending agency. Madison is very sharp and goes above and beyond in every aspect of the process. I highly recommend working with Ag Lending Group. “

– Aaron Smith | January, 2020

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Land Loans by State

Agriculture Loans in Arizona

We know what agriculture means to the farmers and families of Arizona. It meant enough that we decided to move here to better serve our clients. Browse our farm loan options or reach out to us today to find the best option for your farm.


Arizona’s top commodities are poultry, cattle and calves, greenhouse and nursery, cotton, and soybeans. Arizona is nationally known for ranking second in the country for broilers, catfish and quail; third for forestland, peanuts and sod; and sixth for pecans. Arizona is known for having the third most timber acreage in the U.S., behind Georgia and Oregon.

Farm Bridge Loans

Agriculture Loans in California

Ag Lending Group was founded in California. We know what agriculture means to the farmers and families who work so hard to feed our nation.

Farm Mortgage Loans (including refinance options)
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Winery & Vineyard Loans
Beginning Farmer Loans

The California Agriculture industry is a major player in the state’s economy – and for the U.S. overall – thanks to more than 76,400 farms and ranches generating $100 billion in agriculture-related activity each year. One of only five agricultural regions in the world with a Mediterranean-growing climate, California produces more than 400 animal and plant commodities annually, more than any other state, with top products including milk, almonds, grapes, beef and more.

Farm Bridge Loans

Situated in Midwest’s heart, the growing season of Indiana’s lasts for more than three months. The State has been a vital part of United States’ agriculture. With almost 15 million farm land acres, Indiana is the perfect place for producing agricultural crops. Soybeans and corn, in particular, are produced quite abundantly in Indiana. In fact, the state is the third biggest soybean producer in America, growing almost 10 percent of soybean crops in the country.

Affordable Indiana Farm Loans

AG Lending Group knows the various needs of farmers in Indiana in terms of farm mortgage loans. We have been helping farmers out with their farm mortgage loan needs for years now.With us, you will get the most convenient farm loans due to our economical interest rates. We have a streamlined underwriting process that makes sure no one has any issues in obtaining their farm mortgage loan. You can always ge thelp from our team of experts when you have queries.

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Agriculture Loans in Iowa

Agriculture is the lifeblood of Iowa's economy.

Let us help your operation grow by sourcing the right loan for your needs.

Agriculture Loans in Kansas

Farming in Kansas is more than a business. We understand the way of life you chose and why you chose it. Ag Lending Group was created to serve the farmers of Kansas, not the banks.

We will never charge a loan origination fee. This means our business prospers when your farm does. You farm. We work with the banks on  your behalf. We offer a wide range farm mortgage and land loans, ranch and dairy loans.

You can also work with us to refinance your current farm mortgage

Minnesota Farm and Land Loans

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Montana Agriculture Loans

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Nebraska is the third biggest corn producer in the United States. Because of the abundance of irrigation in this State, Nebraska possesses the largest aquifer in the U.S.A. Undoubtedly, Nebraska is one of America’s leading agricultural and farming States. A significant number of families residing here have been in agribusinesses and farming sector for a long time.Get Farm Loans in Nebraska.

Are you looking for affordable farm mortgage loans in Nebraska? We at the AG lending group are here to help. Our range of low-interest farm loans is perfect for assisting agribusiness owners and farmers. You can leverage this loan if you are running a small operation or even if you have just begun your farming journey. Nebraska Farm Loans in Affordable Rates.

We know the tireless work ethic of Nebraska farmers. Our farm credit products are there to help these farmers achieve results that match their efforts. With our revolving line of credit, applicants can buy new equipment, purchase more farmland, and refinance their debts for favorable interest rates.

Ag Loans In North Dakota

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Farm Bridge Loans

South Dakota Agriculture Loans

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We work with the farmers of Oregon to source the right loan product for your operation.

Oregon Farm Facts

Home to around forty thousand farms, Oregon has one of the most diverse agricultural and farming spans in the United States. It ranks in the 10 highest agricultural producing States in America. Contrary to most states, Oregon is famous for being self-sufficient in producing a variety of crops. What’s more intriguing about Oregon’s crops is that most of them are quite unconventional. Oregon ranks first in the United States for the production of potted azaleas, red clover seed, sugar beets for seed, crimson clover,orchard grass seed, hazelnuts, black raspberries, rye grass seed, Logan berries, Christmas trees, peppermint, boysenberries, black berries, and fescue seed.

Oregon ranks second for its agricultural production of spearmint, snap beans and hops. Oregon also ranks number five for producing cranberries, green peas, dried herbs, pears, sweet cherries,blueberries, wine grapes, and sweet corn. Suffice to say, Oregon’s vast farmlands are a hub of farming and agricultural activities, which proves that the State is a major contributor to the country’s economy.

We serve the farmers of Texas. We’ll find the right farm mortgage, land loan, ranch loan or refinance option for your operation. You will never be charged an upfront loan origination fee. Our business only works when your farm or ranch does. We’re the nation’s leading non-bank lender. This means your success is in our best interest. You handle the farming. We’ll work with the banks. Texas is a BIG agriculture state. To better serve the farmers and ranchers of Texas we offer a wide variety of loan products. Browse our loan products below or reach today to see how we can help.

When we think of Wisconsin the first thing that comes to mind is cheese. Although Wisconsin is known as the “cheese capital of the U.S.” the states agriculture is very diverse. There are around 68,700 farms in Wisconsin on 14.5 million acres of land. Top commodities for the state include, cattle and calves, soybeans, potatoes, corn, milk and cranberries.The state is Wisconsin is also popular for their production of snap beans for processing, milk goats and mink pelts. You should take note that the state does rank 2nd in the nation for milk production, milk cows and the Ag Lending Group teams favorite mozzarella cheese!

Farm Bridge Loans

Farm Loans in Wyoming

We offer the farmers of Wyoming true farm mortgage loans, refinance options and short-term bridge loans.

Get in contact with us today to see how we can help your operation.