February 27, 2020

Fixed Interest Rate Overview

There’s so many factors that affect the farmer! If there’s one thing farmers can control its the interest rate on their long-term mortgage loans. Ag Lending Group offers the longest long term fixed rates available in the market. Having a fixed-rate loan really negates risk and gives peace of mind.

Having one of our long term fixed-rate will give you the ease to know exactly what it’s going to cost you every year.

Once you become a customer of AG Lending Group you can actually lower your interest rate over time if they are declining! After one year of making payments customers can lower their interest rate if rates go down. You have an opportunity to do what we call a conversion. For a small fee, we can lower your interest rate over time if rates go down. It is as simple as a signature!

If rates don’t go down but you want to convert you have the opportunity to change loan products. For example, if you have a 20-year fixed rate loan you’ve paid for five years we can move you to the 15-year fixed rate with a simple signature and a small fee.